Rubber Stable Mat
With moderate hardness, endure moderate pressure, good toughness, elasticity, anti-impact and abrasion resistance, ageing resistance, and anti-slip performance. > Using widely in the livestock stables. > Easy to clean, it creates a secure and satisfy environment for the animal. > Textured surface for improved grip> With a piece of fabic in it, the slip performance can be improved
Rubber Sheet
We manufactured all kinds of rubber sheets for your different requirements. The oil-resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation, etc. We cut the sheets into various gaskets.
Hole Punching Rubber Sheet/Cut Parts
Our rubber sheets are made according to the client’s specification.It can be used in many areas. Here is some samples.
PEG Rubber Belt
We produce preforated belts with a wide variety of hole sizes.This kind of belts is made according to the client’s specification. This belt vulcanized special pegs can be used in washing fruits.For the best translation, We produce the perforated belt and the pegs seperated.
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