Rubber sheet/Rubber sheet with inserted fabric

Specification: thickness: 2.5-80mm, width: 300-2500mm
Reference technical data: tensile strength≥8Mpa, Elongation Rate at break:≥300%, Hardness: 70±5
Fabric: ≥1 ply
Performance: Being produced by the vulcanizing machine(press cure) which with higher pressures, then the products are with higher density, and stronger tensile strength. Different those which produced by the roto cure (drum vulcanizer), our rubber sheet have a longer use life.
Application: For punching seals, rings, bullpen plate, bullpen pads, and other various kinds of environments which have more restrict requirement for the higher strength.
Colors: Depend on the different request from our clients.
Character: It can be produced to be with mat surface(or with variety of patterns) for both sides, and due to our machine character, there will be 20cm long smooth surface for every 7 meters.

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