Conveyor belt’s selection, operation, maintenance, transportation and storage
Please select the belts according to the features of the conveying materials and the actual conditions.
Please select the width, thickness, the plies and the length according to the requirement of the conveying machines.
2、Joint method:
▲Mechanical splice: suitable for the whole carcass, high strength conveyor belt.
▲Adhesion cold joint: suitable for the better working conditions and the common conveyor belts.
▲Vulcanization adhesive heat joint: is the first choice for the bad working conditions, but need the special joint machine. We advise that you’d better use the adhesion heat connection.
3、Usage and maintenance:
▲Different types, specifications of belts can’t be used together. The new can’t be connected with the old ones, and the joint should be flat and steady.
▲EP conveyor belt should be used in the conveying machine with big diameter drive rollers.
▲The discharge velocity should be slower 2.5Meter/second, the massive and/or wearing materials should be conveyed at a slow speed. ▲ry to avoid from starting the conveying belts with loaded materials, and the feed direction should match the conveyor belt direction. If available, please use the fit striker plate and avoid the belt being scratched by the striker plate.
4、Transportation and storage:
▲The transportation and the storage must match the HG/T 3056-1977 rules. During the storage and the transportation process, should avoid from direct touch with the ozone, glare, high temperature, oil, acid, organic solvent, metallic copper, manganese metal and other materials.
▲The belts should be stored on the wood pad, and the ground should be flat and dry, and the belts should be put as rolls, but not be folded, and the mandrel should be the horizontal direction.
▲When the belts are transported by the cranes, you’d better to use the rope and the steel bar pass trough the belt axle hole, and please pay attention not to damaging the belt.
▲When belts are transported by the fork truck, be careful be the outer lane of the belts.
▲When no machine for transporting, please roll the belt on the flat ground.
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