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Product feature: 
Except for the feature of common belt, the products also have the characters of fire resistant, antistatic, soft, stable physical size. The belts are mainly used for conveying various kinds of noncorrosive and thornless materials, under the condition of flammable or explosive environment above coalmine wells. 
Product Character:
▲The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the processes of calendering, assembling, vulcanizing and etc,
▲Width: 300—1600mm
▲Ply: 3-14ply
▲Rubber cover: 1.5-12mm 
▲Standard: GB 10822 
▲Brand: Better 
Matter need to attention:
1.The belts can’t be used with other types belts, please use the mucilage glue for joint connection. 
2.If off-tracking during the using process, please make it correct on time. 
3.Please replace or fix the belts when the rubber cover was damaged.The rubber cover whole carcass fire-resistant conveyor belt production line was supervised by CCRC (China Coal Research Institute) Shanghai branch, and it is under full automatic control, so it represents our domestic advanced level for hot air producing system squeezing and pressing method technology. The products have stable plasticity intensity, super quality, and they are superior to the like products.