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2018-06-07 4211 admin

Product feature:
▲Oil resistant belt: The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the processes of calendering, assembling, vulcanized etc. It is suitable for conveying oily materials. 
▲Cold resistant belt: The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass. Cover rubber selects a blend of NR and BR, which has the properties of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance and etc. It can work normally under the conditions of -40℃, mainly suitable for conveying materials outdoors in freezing area, cold storage and etc. 
▲Foodstuff conveyor belt: The products are divided into white or slight color, free from contamination, no peculiar smell, and match the healthy index. The products are suitable for conveying the foodstuff or cereals and etc.
▲Anti-static conveyor belt: Suitable for conveying the explosive, chemical fibers and other materials that not allowed the space charge accumulation conditions.
Product Character:
▲Standard: Oil resistant belt: HG/T 3714, cold resistant belt: HT 3647 
▲Brand: Better 
Matters to attention: 
The belts can’t be used with other type of belts. Please select the different types of belts according to the different conditions.