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2018-06-07 4196 admin

The products have the characters of fire resistant, antistatic, waterproof, high strength, tear resistant, good safety performance, compared with the PVC conveyor belt, the PVG belts are good at loading wider gradient and own longer useful life. The PVG belts are one of the most popular and common fire resistant conveyor belts, and they are mainly used under the conditions of damp,watery, less 20°inclination angle in the mines. The products use anti-friction, skid proof formula, and the special structure PVG belts, so they enjoy great popularity among our customers. 
▲Structure: use the CC or NN-66 or polyester as the carcass, dipping treatment in the PVC paste, the rubber cover use the fire resistant, antistatic, anti-friction rubber materials, then after the vulcanization and other process, the belts would be completed. 
▲Width: 650—1400mm 
▲Product standard: MT 914
▲Brand: Better
▲Strength Grade: 680s, 800s, 1000s, 1250s, 1400s, 1600s, 1800s, 2000s, 2240s, 2500s 
▲Matter need attention:
The belts can’t be used with other types belts, and the joint uses the adhesive glue for connection. If off-tracking during the using process, please make it correct on time.